immediately hand

"I have opened a window," Sherlock Holmes said.

"Fortunately, you agree
nike dunks low to break into, rather than oppose it, Mr. Holmes," sheriff saw my friend so smart to pull the window latch, said, "Well, I think in this case, we can not invited into the room. "We filed into the room from the window, to a large room, which is obviously the last to Mr. Mei Lasi over the place. Point on the sheriff the lantern, the light we see with our Mei Lasi said two doors, curtains, lamps and a chrome A in Japan. Table with two glasses, an empty brandy bottle and some residual meat dish leftovers.

"What was that?" Sherlock Holmes asked suddenly.

We all stood still to listen carefully.
D&G Sunglasses From where we head came a low groan. Sherlock, Holmes quickly rushed the door, ran into the lobby. This desolate sound from the hug to the upload. He ran upstairs, and I followed the sergeant, he Gege Mai against the Luo Fute though a big man, but also to catch up. , Sometimes as low as nonsense, sometimes loud wail. The door is locked, but the key to stay on the outside. Los break against, Fuer Mo cut quickly opened the door and rushed in, but they immediately hand according to the throat, back out.

"Which is charcoal," Sherlock Holmes shouted, "Wait a little, gas will be scattered." We looked inside and saw a small tripod middle of the room dark blue Huoluo emerge, it projected on the floor of the light gray circle, we see two blurred in the shadow of people huddled against the wall, the door opened, emitting a terrible poison, so we breathe, coughing. Sherlock Holmes ran to the roof of the breath of  Womens True Religion Jeans Legging fresh air, and then burst into the room, open the windows, the tripod thrown into the garden.

"And then wait, we can go in," Sherlock Holmes and quickly ran out of breath and said, "Where the candle? I see in this air may not be able to get a draw match. Michael Luo Fute Now you standing in the doorway holding a lamp, we went to put them out! "We rushed to the poisoning of two people beside them onto the brightly lit lobby. They are unconscious, blue lips, facial swelling. Congestion, eyes protruding. Their appearance does become very powerful, if not the black beard and fat figure, we can hardly recognize one of which is the Greek translator who is a few hours ago in Diogenes Club, and we broke up That one. He even hands were tied with the foot was solidly, one eye on the subject of beating wounds.

Par AAAASS le lundi 18 juillet 2011


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