where the thieves in

Three days later, we went 2011 New Supra Shoes back to Baker Street. However, the change in the environment of my friends will obviously be better, to take this great spring, to the countryside to stay a week, this idea is full of appealing to me. My old friend Colonel Hite in Afghanistan when I gave him rule over disease. He is now in Surrey Reigate bought a house nearby, where he often invited me to go to a guest. Most recently, he said, as long as my friends are willing to go with me, he will be very pleased to welcome him. I obliquely this mean that out, Sherlock Holmes when I heard the owner is a bachelor, and he can move freely, he agreed to my plan. Lyon came back from a week after we came to the colonel's home. Hite is a free and easy old soldier, well-informed, he soon found that he and Holmes are able to talk, this is what I expected to.
That evening we arrived, we ate dinner, sat the Colonel's gun storage room. Holmes stretched out limbs
Tory Burch HandBags lying on the sofa, Hite, and I was watching his small arms weapons storage room east.
"By the way," Colonel said suddenly, "I want to get from here to bring a pistol to the floor to prevent encounters an alert."
"Alarm?!" I said.
"Yes, the recent trouble in our region, so that we greatly disturbed the old Acton is a local Fushen. Last Monday, someone broke into his house. Although he did not suffer enormous losses, but those guy is still at large. "
"There is no clue it?" Holmes looked at Colonel asked.
"There is no clue, but this is a trivial one, is a small village a criminal case, before you do anything like this before, after international cases, it will not cause you to pay attention to it, Mr. Holmes. "
Holmes waved him not to
Lacoste 2011 Shoes praise himself, but it smiling, indicating that these words of praise made him very happy.
"What is important signs yet?"
"I do not think, where the thieves in the library in search of a great pass, although spent a lot of enthusiasm, but can not get what the whole library in turn overturned, knocking open a drawer full, books have been turned mess. Only the results roll Pope translation of Homer's poem, two plated candlesticks, one ivory paperweight, a small oak barometer, and a mass of lines missing. "
"It's varied, strange!" I shouted.
"Oh, these guys apparently pilfering, hit what what means."
Holmes grunted on the sofa.

Par AAAASS le lundi 18 juillet 2011


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